It's not necessary for life to be perfect, for you to live it to the fullest.

- Helena Zajec


I offer many services and workshops tailored specifically to your company. Find out more.


Experience shows that with the help of coaching, people progress quickly and effectively towards their desired goals, replace unproductive strategies with more effective ones and develop new forms of the desired behavior. Find out more.


Hypnosis allows you to "renovate" the operating system of the unconscious mind, so you make changes in life faster and with less (conscious) effort. Change from the inside out. Find out more.


NLP methods work with subconscious and thus make the desired changes faster and long lasting. These techniques activate conscious and subconscious processes that support prior organised thinking. NLP trainings in English are available only for concludet groups. Find out more.

Brezmejen Si | Izobraževanje in svetovanje | Helena Zajec, s.p. 

Tacenska cesta 135a, SI - 1000 Ljubljana


Helena Zajec

gsm: 041 326 379


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