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Poslovni coaching

I also offer business coaching in English. Find out more here.

You can read all about personal coaching here and all about the methods I use here.

Business coaching is a focused process of development of an individual and those potentials that allow them to develop new behaviors and approaches, more personal strength, energy and emotional stability. In the coaching process, the client develops new strategies for responding and acting in situations where they have previously acted inappropriately, achieved below-average results or faced feelings of inadequacy or helplessness.

With the help of strong, research questions, we open up new ways of thinking for the client and encourage innovation in facing  challenges. Through conversation, we explore the depths of motivation, and through creative interventions, we stimulate new subconscious processes that enable innovative action in previously problematic situations.


The coaching process is a process of activating internal (archetypal) potentials. It includes advanced techniques for activating positive inner states and personal strengths so that clients can do their job with calmness, confidence, and self-confidence.


In coaching, I focus on both the business and private areas of the client's work, as both are psychologically connected and I can only work effectively if we develop holistically.

Methods and techniques I use in coaching:

  • Jungian coaching methods (Dr. Avi Goren Bar - ICF accredited trainig),

  • Time Line therphy (Dr. Tad James),

  • NLP methods (Neuro-linguistic programming - NLP),

  • Strength deployment inventory (SDI®).

  • Methodologies GROW, SCORE, etc.

Performance coaching | Leadership chachig | Life coaching

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Who are coachings meant for?

Companies choose to hire a coach to empower leaders who need support to work more efficiently and creatively. A manager’s job is stressful and wrong decisions or inappropriate actions can have very costly consequences for both managers and the company. The coach supports the leader to use and develop his potential.


Coaching gives excellent results in working with key personnel who, with their knowledge and potential, make an important contribution to the company's success. The coach helps them develop these potentials and remove any mental or emotional blockages. It helps them improve skills that support creativity and improve their communication with the environment.


I also offer GROUP coaching, which is intended for team development or groups.  


We adjust the scope of business coaching to the goals and complexity of the topic. Minimum scope: 6 meetings

When to decide for coaching?

Some challenges where coaching works effectively:

  • Inadequate response to changes,

  • Loss or lack of motivation,

  • Emerging conflicts with co-workers and/or clients,

  • Inappropriate behavior or responses,

  • Poor internal relations (managers) with employees,

  • Low-developed emotional intelligence,

  • Avoidance of team work, cooperation, inability to work in a team, Conflicting, accusing and problem-oriented communication,

  • Challenges with Work-Life balance, inability to manage stress

  • Fear of leadership, poor leadership practices,

  • Inefficient work (despite expertise),

  • Inadequate character traits and actions in the workplace,

  • Low commitment and personal energy,

  • etc.


In order for coaching to be effective, it is important that the employee agrees with the referral to coaching and that clear goals and measurable expectations are set for coaching.


The Coaching is especially useful when employees find themselves in new situations or major changes are introduced in the company that strongly influence work processes, the role of the individual or the performance of the environment.

With coaching, you support your employees in developing more effective ways of (co) operating and facing challenges.  


In this way, you have a positive impact on teamwork, responsiveness and reputation in the environment. Strengthen the commitment, creativity, agility of employees and the resilience of individuals to stressful stimuli.

Advantages of coaching for a company

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