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Coaching with Helena 

Kaj je coaching?

Coaching is a developing tool used by those, who want to make changes in their personal and professional lives. Experiences show that people who use coaching quickly progress towards their desired goals, exchange unproductive strategies for productive ones as well as develop new forms of desired behaviour, responses, and emotions.

Helena Zajec uses different approaches

the "to grow" model - the support to direction oriented thinking

TO - topic 

G - goal for today

R - reality check 

O - options 

W - way forward

"know how" - useful knowledge Helena shares in her capacity as a NLP trainer

What is coaching?

The process of coaching

Helena utilises questions to encourage introspection and looking for the solutions inside you. We start coaching by exploring and defining the current situation, more precisely, what exactly is the goal you want to achieve or what is problem you are facing. When the aim of coaching is defined, Helena encourages you create new strategies and look for different solutions you are using currently.

The atmosphere during coaching is always relaxed. The discussion is intentionally guided towards finding the best possible solutions. I ask a lot of questions, mostly the ones you have not asked yourself, and the answers you come up with often represent solutions to your problem and/or challenge.

Steps and methods used in the process

Introductory questionnaire is used to determine and coordinate your expectations and for you to think about your goals, progress, and areas you want to improve/achieve across the coaching process.

The first session is dedicated to interpersonal connection, reaching an agreement about the manner of working, and for you to create a clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve. The first idea of the goal is created, as well as the initial analysis of the current state. We also start shaping some answers and new strategies.

During other coaching sessions you perform some agreed-upon new activities and/or observations and monitor your progress.

Everything you talk about with your coach is strictly confidential.

The process of coaching


During coaching we sometime come upon obstacles that are holding the client caught in an unwanted emotional or energetic state. Different natures of these obstacles call for different ways of handling them. The barriers can be strong limiting beliefs, tenacious behavioural or emotional patterns, harmful internal decisions, or inability to face the burdens of work / life or new challenges.

To unlock those unresourceful states, I can use NLP techniques, Jungian coaching approach, creative methods from psychotherapy database, elements of hypnosis or techniques that deal with energy.

I will always clearly point out when we swich from coaching to intervention and ask for your agreement!

Intervention techniques


NLP approach takes advantage of simple but efficient mental training techniques of personal development. NLP methods work with subconscious and thus make the desired changes faster and long lasting. These techniques activate conscious and subconscious processes that support prior organised thinking.

Image by Ashley Knedler
Image by Jared Rice


When we support classic coaching with elements of hypnosis that activates mechanisms in our subconscious mind, that makes achieving coaching goals faster, less strenuous for the client and more effective. Hypnosis can be used to build inner strengths and skills, eliminating unsuitable habits, uncomfortable emotions, or emotional blocks, clear up personal history or relationship problems, or it can be a support when facing illness and pain. It is a gentle way to achieve a fast and thorough breakthrough in your life.

We can also use techniques of deep and guided relaxation for achieving inner peace and joy, relaxation of the mind and body as well as for strengthening inner energy. They can be used to support other methods and processes or individual self-understanding.


Jungian approach to coaching is especially efficient when we want to elicit creativity and unlock unused or hidden potential that we all carry within ourselves. It uses different materials, metaphors, or stories to reach beyond the reason of critical mind to meet with creativity of unlimited subconscious potential. 

Image by Tim Mossholder
Jungian coaching
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